The story of the successful migration of e-shop Laklara.cz from the digital agency Creepy


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How the move to a dedicated vshosting~ server improved load speed by 20%

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Since March 2021

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E-shop Laklara.cz, operated by digital agency Creepy, was an instant hit with fashion lovers. However, their previous web hosting solution wasn’t enough to cope with the waves of customers, especially during the launch of their new collection. For that reason, they chose a dedicated solution from vshosting~, which resulted in happier customers, who showed their appreciation in the e-shop.

Since the switch to vshosting~, digital agency Creepy can boast a whole range of technical improvements. For instance, page load speed on Laklara.cz improved by nearly 20% from 2.40 to 1.93 seconds. And redirect time fell by 36%! The change is especially apparent in server response time which has improved by nearly half.

Services from vshosting~

E-shop Laklara.cz, which is run by digital agency Creepy, usually has around 1,000 customers on the site at once when launching a new collection!

Behind the distinctive name ‘Creepy’ lies a Zlín based digital agency which develops tailor-made websites and e-shops. They then maintain and develop many of these websites, as is the case with the popular e-shop Laklara.cz. This runs on the Woocommerce system which Creepy Studio adapts for each project.

Laklara.cz is an e-shop selling handmade clothing for women. Each month they launch a new collection, which draws up to 1,000 customers to the site at once. Creepy Studio previously hosted La Klara on a shared business hosting solution from Websupport, but this buckled under pressure when new collections were launched. They therefore sought out an alternative which could cope.

Why did they choose vshosting~?

On the back of positive references, Creepy chose to move La Klara onto a dedicated vshosting~ server. They liked that we understood the idiosyncrasies of each project and that we were happy to accommodate them in terms of individual hardware and services.

Since March 2021 the La Klara e-shop has been running from our data centre in Hostivař, on its own dedicated server. Thanks to remote access, Creepy can control everything easily from their own computers.

The results of switching to vhosting~

The Google Analytics numbers speak for themselves. The average page load time on La Klara fell by 19.49%, the average server response time fell by an unbelievable 48.31% and the average time required to connect to the server went down by 39.01%.

In terms of sales, La Klara is quite unique in that every new collection sells out extremely quickly. An increase in sales depends to a certain extent on how much they produce. If that were not the case, it’s very likely that they would have experienced an increase in sales too.

Positive customer feedback exceeded all expectations

Of course, the most important thing is that hundreds of satisfied customers got in touch immediately after the launch of the new collection. They were full of praise for how much faster and more reliable the e-shop was. This is despite the pressure that the introduction of new products puts it under.

Here are a few reactions from satisfied customers:

Working with vshosting~ allowed us to fix the problems that we had with our previous solution. The new server sailed through the launch of new collections and La Klara customers remarked on the improved speed of the entire e-shop immediately after deployment.

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