Platform for Kubernetes

For everyone developing in Docker containers. We will take care of everything from our cloud performance to Kubernetes management. We will tailor the service to the needs of your project

Individual pricing

What is included with Platform for Kubernetes?


Custom made infrastructure

We will design a Kubernetes infrastructure exactly according to your application’s needs, including load balancing, networking, storage, and more. We will assist you with application analysis needed for transferring to Kubernetes.


We provide all that is needed

The infrastructure will be ready for production operation. Kubernetes will run on our cloud or on top of the line hardware in the ServerPark data center. We secure persistent services via a managed service (e.g. Managed Database), provide an anti-DDoS protection, unlimited data transfer and storage (block, sharedFS, and Object storage S3 compatible).


We take care of Kubernetes 24/7

We deal with standard maintenance as well as debugging. You can count on our support 24/7.

References and case studies


E-commerce –

2 bil. Revenue in CZK
1698 Supply points
2013 Founding year

vshosting~ managed to come up with a proposal of a fully scalable infrastructure, customized to our needs.


E-commerce – trený

350 000 Pieces of yearly sold underwear
48 h Time to delivery after ordering
15-50+ Employees depending on the season

vshosting~ designed a fully customized solution for us. No “cookie cutter” solution but one for the actual needs of our e-shop, tweaked to perfection.


E-commerce –

1000+ Finished projects
20 IT mages on the team
2003 Founding year

Each project we help our clients realize has its specifics. That is why we were looking for a partner who could take these differences into account and provide us and our clients with a reliable and flexible solution.


Online projekt –

300+ Tournaments yearly
270 000 registered players
2008 founding year

Since the very beginning of our cooperation, vshosting~ has been proving to us they are professional in all they do. As a result, we could stop worrying about server operation altogether.

Advantages of the vshosting~ Cloud compared to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Individualized infrastructure design
check vshosting~
close Traditional public cloud
Ability to combine physical servers with cloud
check vshosting~
close Traditional public cloud
High SLA and 24×7 senior support
check vshosting~
close Traditional public cloud
Option of fine scaling only of the necessary resources
check vshosting~
close Traditional public cloud
Debugging and monitoring of the entire infrastructure
check vshosting~
close Traditional public cloud
Fixed price for management with no increase when performance increases
check vshosting~
close Traditional public cloud


Request a non-binding consultation

Traditional public cloud

Request a non-binding consultation

Persistent services

Aside from operating the managed Platform for Kubernetes, we’ll also provide you with fully managed persistent services, such as

MariaDB, Galera Cluster, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ cluster, Redis cluster and more…


Cloud or physical servers

Choose between a database on a dedicated virtual server or a physical server. Cloud offers high-availability on the hypervisor level and the option of downtime-free vertical and horizontal scaling. Physical servers enable much larger performance for a lower price.


Optimization, security, monitoring, reporting

A team of specialists is paying close attention to your database 24/7 and optimizing it for the current operation. If performance is lacking, we scale and inform the client. We react immediately in case of a problem.


Standalone or cluster

Every database can be run as a standalone instance or as a multi-node (3+) cluster. A cluster ensures maximum availability and the option to scale both vertically and horizontally. Cluster installations are equipped with two application balancers if the given database allows for it (e.g. MariaDB – MaxScale, http balancing for ElasticSearch)

  • we assist with debugging (e.g. detection of slow query slowing down the application)
  • we conduct regular security updates
  • we back the data up to a remote location
  • we provide consultations
  • we solve all critical operation situations
  • operational statistics and graphs

For your infrastructure, we’ll also provide storage, be it fast shared filesystem or Object Storage (S3 compatible API). All that without limiting the number of operations and for a fixed price according to allocated capacity.

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source platform for developers who develop in so-calledmicroservices in Docker containers. Kubernetes helps ensure maximum efficiency from the resource utilization and scaling point of view. It provides orchestration and monitoring to applications in the containers, which in turn ensures high-availability. Another great advantage is the support of automatic implementation of new versions of the app while running. Kubernetes takes care of operating a sufficient number of application replicas, allows for rollback to the previous version or even operation of multiple versions at the same time in one cluster. open_in_new

Why get Platform for Kubernetes from vshosting~?

8k +

Our data center hosts over 8 thousand physical servers

Our very own data center ServerPark is one of the safest and most modern. It is run with a 2xN double redundancy at all active elements (2x cooling, 2x backup resources etc.). The data center is managed by a dedicated team that is on site 24/7. We are also building ServerPark II, a second data center for further 25 thousand servers, the first DC-powered data center in the Czech Republic.

About the data center
datacenter5 datacenter6 datacenter2 datacenter3 datacenter4 datacenter


Fastest connection possible thanks to TIER 1

We have a 100 Gbps connection with global TIER 1 operators and we are members of several peering centers. We operate our own key optical paths and our own CDN both in Europe and in the USA. Our network is built on top of the line hardware (Cisco Nexus 7k, Juniper MX960). The infrastructure is designed with emphasis on maximum throughput scalability and reliability (99,9999 % availability).


Great team with over 13 years of experience

Our team of professionals will take care of designing the infrastructure, ensure maximum security, optimization, and uniquely short reaction time (in a matter of minutes).

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