Proxmox: VMware Alternative with No Fees or Vendor Lock-in
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icon - Proxmox: VMware Alternative with No Fees or Vendor Lock-in

Looking for a more efficient solution for your IT infrastructure than VMware? Proxmox offers powerful virtualization and containerization without licensing fees and restrictive vendor lock-in, allowing you greater flexibility and control over your systems.

icon - Proxmox: VMware Alternative with No Fees or Vendor Lock-in

Why Proxmox?

Cost-effectiveness without compromise - icon

Cost-effectiveness without compromise

Proxmox eliminates the need to pay high licensing fees, allowing you to reinvest the savings into further developing your IT infrastructure. With Proxmox, you get a robust virtualization platform that supports both virtual machines (VMs) and containers, all at no additional cost.

Escape the vendor lock-in - icon

Escape the vendor lock-in

One of the key benefits of Proxmox is its open-source nature, which prevents dependency on a single vendor and gives you complete control over your IT infrastructure. You can easily customize and expand your systems to meet the current needs of your organization without being constrained by specific vendor requirements or policies.

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Smooth, worry-free migration

Expert support every step of the way - icon

Expert support every step of the way

We know that migrating to a new platform can be challenging. That’s why we offer comprehensive support including pre-planning, compatibility testing and the migration process itself to ensure a smooth transition of your systems and applications to Proxmox.

Ensuring perfect functionality - icon

Ensuring perfect functionality

Our technical teams perform thorough analysis and testing to ensure that all your key features and services work seamlessly on Proxmox. Wherever possible, we provide solutions or alternatives to keep your IT infrastructure fully functional.

Fully compatible: Proxmox and your IT tools

and many more.

Proxmox added value for your infrastructure

Optimisation and scalability - icon

Optimisation and scalability

Proxmox enables efficient resource management and easy scaling, ideal for growing businesses and changing demands.

Security and reliability - icon

Security and reliability

Integrated security features and support for high availability ensure that your data and services are always protected and available.

Intuitive administration - icon

Intuitive administration

With Proxmox’s web-based interface and comprehensive documentation, managing your virtualized infrastructure is easier than ever.

Example of private cloud infrastructure on Proxmox

Find out more about the benefits of Proxmox

Free personalised consultation - icon

Free personalised consultation

Gain insight into how Proxmox can meet your specific needs and what the migration path may look like for your organization.

Key steps for a successful transition

Analysis and planning - icon

Analysis and planning

Our experts will carefully assess your existing environment and work with you to create a detailed migration plan.

Testing and preparation - icon

Testing and preparation

Before migration, we perform thorough testing to ensure compatibility and performance of your applications on Proxmox.

Migration and optimisation - icon

Migration and optimisation

Our teams will ensure a smooth migration of your systems and data, followed by optimization for maximum performance and efficiency.

Training and support - icon

Training and support

We will provide you and your team with training to facilitate a comfortable transition and efficient management of your new Proxmox infrastructure.

Continuous administration - icon

Continuous administration

Even after a successful migration, we remain your partner, ready to provide infrastructure management, consulting and updates.

Connect with Proxmox and VMware experts

Switching to Proxmox can be a big step forward for your IT infrastructure. Let the experts in both virtualization platforms guide you and help you optimize your infrastructure. With vshosting, you not only get a technology partner, but also the support of an expert team with years of experience.


We have successfully assisted with migrations for hundreds of clients over the course of 17 years. Join them.

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