Private Cloud

Create your own server infrastructure in a managedvshosting~ Cloud. Our reliable decentralized open-source solution allows for immediate scaling. Add a three times replicated Cloud Storage, dedicated external firewall or DDoS Protect and you will get the comfort of a cloudwith maximum security of a dedicated solution.

Individual pricing

What is included with Private Cloud?



The Private Cloud service is built on the Proxmox orchestration solution with a universal KVM hypervisor that is currently the standard option. Proxmox also supports LXC containerization, it is therefore not necessary to pay for expensive licenses for virtualization tools or to be limited by these tools’ capabilities.


Complexity and scaling

It is possible to expand the Private Cloud with additional services such as Cloud Storage (3x replicated full-SSD / CEPH based solution), fully managed firewall (Cisco ASA), DDoS Protectprotection and more. Private Cloud can be expanded to additional servers (compute nods) immediately and its performance can thus be increased seamlessly.


Fully managed private cloud

You can easily manage your cloud’s resources and virtual servers via API or web GUI. We take care of cloud extension, cloud technology updates, and issue solving, 24/7.

  • favorable price without vendor lock-in
  • completely decentralized management
  • integrated high-availability for virtual servers
  • wide range of configuration, automization, and resource allocation options
  • support of scaling authorization
  • snapshot support with the option of regular and automated backups to a separate location
  • unlimited global data transfers
  • dedicated network segment (VLAN)
  • monitoring using computing resources

Private Cloud Structure


Popular additional services

DDoS Protect
Extra IPv4 adresa
On top of 8 IP address included.
VPN/IPSEC – Managed Cisco ASA (5508-K9)
Includes 1h of support
Backup space in geographically separated location
Above the 200 GB included in base price.
Upgrade of dedicated global connectivity up to 2 Gbps
Above the 1 Gbps included in price.
Upgrade of dedicated global connectivity up to 10 Gbps
Above the 1 Gbps included in price.

Why get Private Cloud from vshosting~?

8k +

Our data center hosts over 8 thousand physical servers

Our very own data center ServerPark is one of the safest and most modern. It is run with a 2xN double redundancy at all active elements (2x cooling, 2x backup resources etc.). The data center is managed by a dedicated team that is on site 24/7. We are also building ServerPark II, a second data center for further 25 thousand servers, the first DC-powered data center in the Czech Republic.

About the data center
datacenter5 datacenter6 datacenter2 datacenter3 datacenter4 datacenter


Fastest connection possible thanks to TIER 1

We have a 100 Gbps connection with global TIER 1 operators and we are members of several peering centers. We operate our own key optical paths and our own CDN both in Europe and in the USA. Our network is built on top of the line hardware (Cisco Nexus 7k, Juniper MX960). The infrastructure is designed with emphasis on maximum throughput scalability and reliability (99,9999 % availability).


Great team with over 13 years of experience

Our team of professionals will take care of designing the infrastructure, ensure maximum security, optimization, and uniquely short reaction time (in a matter of minutes).

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