Recent Developments in the VMware-Broadcom Acquisition

The completion of Broadcom’s $69 billion acquisition of VMware has introduced significant changes and uncertainties for current VMware clients. The transition to a subscription-based model and other strategic shifts are key developments that could impact existing customers.

Key Issues and Potential Cost Increases:

  1. Shift to Subscription-Based Model:
  2. Simplification of VMware’s Product Portfolio:
    • Broadcom plans to streamline VMware’s product offerings, which includes significant changes to existing services and support structures. While this aims to make the portfolio simpler, it may also result in the discontinuation of certain products and services that customers currently rely on, forcing them to adopt new solutions that could be more costly or less suited to their needs.
  3. Increased Costs and Reduced Flexibility:
    • As Broadcom integrates VMware’s operations, customers may face higher costs for support and licensing due to the company’s focus on maximizing returns from its investments. Additionally, the shift to a subscription model reduces the flexibility customers previously had with perpetual licenses, potentially leading to higher total costs of ownership in the long term.

Proxmox: A Viable Alternative

Given these potential issues and impending cost increases, businesses should consider exploring alternatives to VMware. Proxmox stands out as a robust and cost-effective solution for several reasons:

  • Open Source and Cost-Effective: Proxmox is built on open-source technologies, eliminating high licensing fees and offering businesses full control over their infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive Features: It offers extensive features such as live migration, high availability, and built-in backup and recovery, providing enterprise-grade capabilities without additional costs.
  • Community Support and Flexibility: Proxmox benefits from an active community that continually enhances the platform, ensuring robust support and flexibility for various business needs.

To assist businesses in transitioning smoothly from VMware to Proxmox, we have developed an exclusive guide. Sign up now to download the guide and ensure a seamless migration to a more flexible and cost-efficient virtualization solution.

Comparison Table


  • Cost Efficiency: Proxmox is generally more cost-effective, eliminating high licensing fees.
  • Flexibility: Proxmox offers greater flexibility with its open-source model, avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • Ease of Use: Proxmox provides a more user-friendly interface, suitable for a range of businesses from SMBs to larger enterprises.
  • Support Options: While VMware offers extensive support through paid contracts, Proxmox benefits from a vibrant community and optional paid support.

By considering these factors and exploring Proxmox as an alternative, businesses can avoid the potential pitfalls associated with the recent VMware-Broadcom acquisition and ensure a more stable and cost-effective virtualization strategy.

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