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Join leading companies such as Dropbox and Adobe that are saving millions of dollars a year because of cloud repatriation. Moving from public cloud services to private or hybrid environments can save you tens of percent in costs. You will also increase the security of your data and streamline its management.

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Tech Trend that Saves Companies Millions

Is it time to rethink your cloud strategy? Many businesses are finding that as they grow, the cost of public cloud services rises disproportionately. Repatriation can help dramatically reduce expenses and increase control over data. Companies like Twitter, Dropbox, Adobe, and 37signals have already demonstrated that they can save millions of dollars a year through cloud repatriation.

Dropbox, X, 37Signals: Just a Few of the Many Successful Companies that Have Kissed the Cloud Goodbye

vshosting: Cloud Repatriation and Optimization Expert

Vshosting~ is your ideal partner for cloud migration or optimization. We offer 17 years of know-how, bespoke solutions and a team of experts to ensure a smooth migration and optimization of your cloud services.

Core Benefits of Cloud Repatriation

Optimised Costs - icon

Optimised Costs

Moving to your own infrastructure can significantly reduce your costs compared to public cloud services. On average, we secure 50% savings for our clients. Cloud repatriation also allows for better control over IT spending and increases cost predictability.

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Improved Performance

Cloud repatriation is key to enhancing performance, especially by localising hosting services for faster data access. Customising infrastructure to meet specific application demands ensures not only superior performance but also efficiency in operations that rely on rapid data processing and retrieval.

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Enhanced Security and Control

Cloud repatriation boosts data security, allowing businesses to implement custom security protocols. This shift is vital for those in regulated industries, ensuring full control over their data security.

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Personalised Compliance and Data Sovereignty

Storing data in local data centres helps businesses comply more effectively with legal and regulatory standards, an essential factor for companies in regulated industries. This approach also guarantees data sovereignty, allowing businesses to retain complete control over their data, aligning with the complexities of global regulatory requirements.

Step by Step: Our Cloud Repatriation Process

vshosting’s cloud repatriation process is a streamlined, secure transition to private and hybrid clouds, tailored to meet your business’s unique needs and ensuring efficiency with minimal disruption.

Step by Step: Our Cloud Repatriation Process
  • 1

    Consultation and Planning

    Our cloud repatriation begins with a comprehensive consultation and planning phase. Here, we assess your current cloud setup and repatriation objectives, ensuring we understand every aspect of your existing infrastructure. This initial step is critical in laying a solid foundation for a smooth and successful transition, tailoring the process to your specific business needs and goals.

  • 2

    Customised Infrastructure Setup

    The second step involves the design and implementation of a customised infrastructure. This phase is dedicated to creating a solution that perfectly aligns with your business requirements, whether it involves on-premises, private, or hybrid cloud solutions. Our focus is on building an infrastructure that not only meets your current needs but is also scalable for future growth.

  • 3

    Seamless Migration

    In the migration phase, we carefully move your data, applications, and workloads, ensuring there is minimal impact on your day-to-day operations. Our team provides continuous support throughout this process, employing best practices to ensure a smooth and secure transfer of your digital assets.

  • 4

    Ongoing Support and Optimisation

    Finally, our cloud repatriation process concludes with ongoing support and optimisation. We offer round-the-clock expert support to ensure your new infrastructure operates seamlessly. Regular reviews and optimizations are conducted to enhance efficiency and performance, ensuring your repatriated environment continues to meet your evolving business needs.

Key Features of Our Cloud Repatriation Service

Customised Solutions - icon

Customised Solutions

Our infrastructure is tailor-made for each business, designed to meet specific requirements and objectives, providing a perfect fit for your unique needs.

Expert Team - icon

Expert Team

With 17 years of experience, our team of experienced administrators offers comprehensive guidance and execution for your cloud repatriation strategy.

Ongoing Support - icon

Ongoing Support

We ensure your infrastructure runs smoothly by providing continuous monitoring, optimization, and 24/7 support with 60-second response times.

Tailored Cloud Strategies for Every Business Need

Full Repatriation

For businesses seeking total independence from public cloud platforms.

  • Complete migration from public to private cloud environments.
  • Enhanced security and control over the entire IT infrastructure.
  • Customized data management and storage solutions.
  • Comprehensive support during the transition and post-migration.

Tailor-made solution


– Full control over data and infrastructure.

– Predictable costs and potentially significant cost savings.

– Customized security in line with business requirements.

Hybrid Solution

For companies aiming to get the best of both the public and private cloud worlds.

  • Integration of public and private cloud services into a hybrid solution.
  • Data distribution based on security, performance, and cost.
  • Seamless connectivity between different environments.
  • Support for managing the hybrid cloud setup.

Tailor-made solution


– Flexibility and scalability of public cloud services.

– Enhanced security and performance of private cloud solutions.

– Cost-effective and efficient use of cloud resources.

Cloud Optimization

For businesses looking to improve the arrangements with their current cloud provider.

  • In-depth analysis of current cloud usage and expenditure.
  • Identification of optimization opportunities to improve efficiency.
  • Recommendations for resource allocation and service utilization.
  • Ongoing monitoring and support for continuous optimization.

Tailor-made solution


Reduced cloud spending and elimination of unnecessary resources.

Improved performance and efficiency.

Maximized value of current cloud investments.

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vshosting~ has successfully assisted numerous clients in their cloud repatriation journey. Our focus on client-centric solutions, combined with our technical expertise, makes us the ideal partner for your repatriation needs. Let’s embark on a successful cloud repatriation journey together.

We have successfully assisted with migrations for hundreds of clients over the course of 17 years. Join them.

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