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Fully dedicated centralized storage that you can use for your data and backups for all types of services. Complete management, customized service design, and the option of a high availability version are included.

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Security for your data

The solution is built on a disk system with double parity, which in itself ensures high data security. We also offer Managed NAS in a high-availability mode for 100% protection, ensuring redundancy and high availability of your data and backups.

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Complete management and connection

We provide all management of the NAS server and constantly monitor the availability and status of the storage, including its utilization and total occupancy. You also have the option of connecting the Managed NAS with your other services at vshosting~ via a private network.

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Dedicated, customized environment

Managed NAS is a fast network storage, where all hardware and its performance is reserved for you. You don’t share the CPU, RAM, or bandwidth of the server with other clients, as is often the case with other providers. We will customize the service for you: it is up to you whether you choose a single NAS server or a high-availability option.

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Further benefits of Managed NAS from vshosting~

– Managed NAS is accessible as network storage using the NFS and SMB protocols
– 10Gbit network for fast storage and data transfer
– possibility of a robust custom-made solution of tens of TB using SSD disks or SATA disks with SSD cache
– option of a version with fast storage scaling (adding more disks at runtime without the need for migration)
– use of the popular ZFS file system and support for Snapshot backups

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24/7 support

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Utmost reliability

Thanks to our own data center, we guarantee a high level of availability and security.

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Comprehensive administration

We are able to manage everything related to hosting administration. Our experts have 15 years of experience.

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