Pošta bez hranic: We can’t imagine life without vshosting~


“We switched to vshosting~ based on a combination of recommendations and their extensive background of having their own data center. We felt a sense of security with them.”

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Pošta bez hranic in figures

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since 2016

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3.5 million

shipments abroad in 2021

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over 120


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over 1,500

active accounts

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Hundreds of thousands of parcels to foreign countries pass through Pošta bez hranic (Post Without Borders) every year. In the peak period of e-commerce, they managed to handle more than 3.5 million physical and data shipments and grew by tens of percent. Practically every large e-shop in the Czech Republic has worked with them and that’s why they prioritize the security and stability of their infrastructure, both of which they found with vshosting~.

Maybe not every single customer has heard of Pošta bez hranic, but nearly every e-shop in the country has come across them. They handle parcels for companies such as Footshop, Sportisimo, Vivantis, and many more. They work with more than 30 international and local European carriers and always choose the best option for e-shops to transport their shipments. 

They are the perfect logistics partner for any e-shop that wants to expand abroad but isn’t well-acquainted with the local market and couriers. Pošta bez hranic is usually already working with the top three or four local carriers and the e-shop can then choose the one they prefer. 

Pošta bez hranic doesn’t ‘just’ offer physical international shipping but also parcel administration, IT systems, and the integration of the couriers into the process. Simply put, Pošta bez hranic picks up the parcel, stores it, tracks it, delivers it and deals with reverse logistics and complaints. And for all this the client just receives a single invoice at the start of the month. Nothing else, irrespective of the number of countries, services, or amount of shipments.

We’ll ship anything. In our warehouse we can handle fragile and oversized parcels in such a way that nothing happens to them and they are delivered without mistakes. This leads to fewer complaints and related paperwork and costs for the e-shop.

Services from vshosting~

Such a large company needs sufficiently high-quality technical support which smaller webhosting providers cannot offer. “With our original hosting provider we had to expend a huge amount of energy in order to move from low-level support, who could only respond in generalities, to higher-level support,” says their IT analyst Martin Ševela. “Before convincing the technical support team that the issue is really quite significant, there was a really long delay and our service was down for several hours. Pošta bez hranic really can’t afford that.”

“We switched to vshosting~ based on a combination of recommendations and their extensive background of having their own data center. We felt a sense of security with them,” praised Martin Ševela on the migration to vshosting~. He continued, “The biggest benefit for us is their experienced support team who are able to resolve the vast majority of problems immediately. Moreover, we don’t have to call anyone up, even in urgent cases, since written requests are dealt with in a matter of minutes and that is usually faster than resolving it over the phone.”
Our support team is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays. There is a permanent team of experts stationed at our data center, so clients can write to or call our administrators directly and they’ll answer the phone within 60 seconds, even at night, and begin dealing with the request.

If you’d like to find out how we can improve your hosting solution, contact our consultants at consultation@vshosting.eu and discuss your possible future solution with vshosting~.

We choose the most suitable tailored solution for our clients. We offer advice on their hosting infrastructure. For example, until recently Pošta bez hranic had no experience with containerization, nor was their application prepared for it. However they learnt it all on the go thanks to their excellent team of developers and support from vshosting~. “Containerization has opened up a wide range of new options to develop our application and has improved the stability of the whole system to a large extent,” said Martin Ševela, Pošta bez hranic IT analyst.

They started on a shared hosting solution and now have Kubernetes. They had no previous experience with containerization and learned everything on the go with vshosting~.

For startup businesses, a shared web hosting solution can be a good choice, especially if the main consideration is cost. At the same time, if the security and quality of the hosting solution start to become the main issues, a shared solution ceases to be an adequate and risk-free choice, as Ševela attests: “In the past, before we were with vshosting~, we reached the limitation of a standard web hosting solution – every deploy started to be riskier and risker and led to service downtime. When we were just starting out and only delivering a few parcels, we got by with a web hosting solution for 50 cents per month. Obviously as we grew we started to hit the limits of this solution and now we can’t imagine life without vshosting~. Not just from a technical perspective, but also in terms of their expert support.”

“For us, or rather for our clients, the stability of our services is key. Any kind of outage costs us money, time, and our reputation. We can’t put a specific figure on it, it’s basically priceless,” says Hana Kundrátová, CMO Pošta bez Hranic, explaining the benefits of first-class services for brand building.

Each year we handle hundreds of thousands physical and digital international shipments. With such large quantities, the most important thing for us is security and stability, not price.

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