ServerPark data center

The ServerPark data center is the core of our technical background which we have built from the ground up in 2015 and which to this day remains one of the most modern data centers in central Europe. We focus on maximum reliability and security - as a result, all of the active elements are doubled.

ServerPark Features

UPS - Battery Backup Power-Source

  • modular system by Veriv (originally Emerson)
  • up to 1000 kW (1 MW) load
  • completely doubled system 2xN (two independent branches - UPS and battery)
  • each branch has one more redundant branch on module level N+2
  • backup time of up to 30 minutes, whilst generator starts up within 10 seconds and in the event of the first generator failure, the other starts up within 1 minute
  • each UPS branch has 3 independent battery branches (strings)

Backup generators

  • generators with 650 kW performance each
  • new generators by two independent brands - caterpillar and VISA
  • 2xN redundancy + 1 extra backup generator (backup of the backup)
  • diesel reserves for at least 7 days for the case of a nationwide blackout
  • generators are designed for up to double the needed load (maximal load up to 50 %)


  • cooling in 2xN mode
  • two independent manufacturers of cooling - Vertiv and GEA
  • stable temperature of 21°C throughout the year
  • cooling (compressors included) connected to a special UPS backup system
  • independent distribution for each 100 kW cooling unit

High Security

  • walls from reinforced concrete
  • armored doors
  • chip access system + PIN
  • perimeter protection
  • camera system - tens of cameras
  • independently lockable racks

Backbone Connectivity

We are directly interconnected with global TIER 1 operators via 100 Gbps technology, which ensures a quality and speedy connection for all of our clients.

NIX cz
NIX sk

Unlimited Data Transfers

Data transfers to anywhere in the world are not limited in any way. On top of that, we guarantee reserved bandwidth to each client. Our network has the capacity of up to 1 Tbps.

High Quality Connection

Latency (pings) to any corner of the world is as low, as physics allows. Each route is backed up multiple times.

Top Notch Networking

At the backbone network, we use for example Nexus 7000 series, MX960 routers, Nexus 3232 (32 x 10 Gbps) and others.


Cloud Infrastructure

vshosting~ Cloud provides high-availability and the option of dynamic output scaling. We have been running cloud infrastructure on proven technologies, OpenStack and Ceph, since 2010. Our administrator team consists of OpenStack specialists with many years of experience.


Powerful Hardware

We use powerful HP BLADE C7000 SYSTEM servers in combination with lightning fast SSD technology, 48 X SSD SUPERMICRO STORAGE.

Maximal Security

Our clients' data is saved in real time to at least two independent storage systems with a fail-over function. In the unlikely event of a drop out of any part of the cloud, no blackout or data loss will occur.

Service security

Our clients can rely on the fact that we proceed according to the globally accepted methodology of information security. We systematically identify potential risks and remove them even before they can manifest. We have developed plans for any case of extraordinary events caused by human interference or a higher power and we are lowering risks of cyber-attacks at the same time.


Security Updates of Managed Services

We perform daily security updates of all packages on managed servers and monitor current safety threats. At the end of an operating system distribution’s lifetime, we perform an upgrade to a new version of the operating system, all of which is done at no extra cost to our clients.

Network security

We operate our own anti-DDoS protection called DDoS Protect. All managed services are equipped with a firewall with a strict safety policy. Moreover, we offer an additional IPSEC service using a solution by Cisco ASA. In all email services, we support SPF and DKIM (CloudMail). Our DNS servers (CloudDNS) support DNSSEC. On Managed Servers, we support free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

Geographically Separated Data Backup

Our clients' data has the highest priority, thus, the server backup is conducted into a geographically separated location. The highly available Cloud Backup is a part of the Managed Server / Cloud service.


Dynamic space increase up to 1 PB according to your needs.


Data from servers is backed up incrementally in order to eliminate excessive load of the servers that are being backed up. vshosting~ back-ups to date amount to almost 10 TB.

n x 100Gbps

Locations are interconnected at the speed of n x 100 Gbps, thus ensuring fast data recovery if needed. Storage with backups is encrypted and data transfer unlimited.


Powerful servers have two power-sources at their disposal or are connected via so called managed STS (static switch) that secure power supply from two independent power branches. Thanks to our own stock of servers and spare parts as well as a team of HW specialists, we guarantee, as the only company, repairs or replacement of servers within 60 minutes.


Cloud Storage

Multiple times replicated storage system utilizing the CEPH technology thanks to which scaling can be done during full operation. We provide operation in block, file or object storage form.


CEPH is a technology that was created in 2012. It is an open-source platform with contributing developers from CERN, Cisco, Fujitsu, Intel or even Red Hat. CEPH allows for scalability during full operation. An interesting fact is that CERN is running CEPH infrastructure for 65 PB (65 000 000 GB).



Cloud Storage BS

Block Storage is used as disc storage for all Managed Servers and Private Clouds.

Cloud Storage FS

Cloud Storage with the File System option is used as an NFS alternative for web application data sharing that comes with the Managed Cluster service.

Cloud Storage OS

Object Storage is compatible with AWS S3 object storage and vshosting~ offers it as an additional service to all of our core services. It is especially popular for modern applications that work with a large number of files (e.g. images).

Our Services

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