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We rate our partnership with vshosting~ very highly both in terms of the operation and the preparations of the whole project and the seamless transition from the original solution.

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HP Tronic are known for their e-shops DATART.cz/DATART.sk, Kasa.cz, HEJ.sk, Euronics and ETA. It was thanks to the last one on that list that HP Tronic Zlín decided to move DATART onto vshosting~. They came to this decision on the back of a positive experience with the Euronics and ETA brands, where they particularly valued vshosting~’s proactive approach to problem-solving and far-ranging suggestions for modifying the web application, which they undertook to great success.

It wasn’t simply the positive experience with vshosting~ which led HP Tonic to migrate DATART, but also vshosting~’s technicians’ high level of expertise and their knowledge of running container solutions and their orchestration (Docker + Kubernetes), which new DATART e-shops are built on.

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From their own hardware to Kubernetes from vshosting~

It all started seven years ago when they decided to do away with their own hardware infrastructure and move towards a private cloud. At that time, DATART still used the services of a rival company for both internal back-office systems and business applications. However, they then looked for a partner specialising in running robust e-shop solutions with many years of experience. And that’s exactly what vshosting~ has become. We prepared a Kubernetes managed cluster for them, built on extra powerful AMD EYPC servers with anti-DDoS protection.

HP TRONIC Zlín thoroughly tested the Kubernetes infrastructure from us, their test environment has been running with us for four years. They were able to verify that we really know what we’re doing with Kubernetes and that our administrators are experts in it. As a result, HP TRONIC Zlín was persuaded to let us deploy a managed Kubernetes solution.

Currently, both e-shops have been live for several months. They run on a Kubernetes cluster hybrid solution (a combination of virtual nodes and bare metal servers) supplemented by MariaDB master-master, Elasticsearch cluster, and RabbitMQ. We also devised a solution for a time-series database (InfluxDB) for internal monitoring and graphs. Not forgetting an enterprise BIG-IP load balancer from F5.

The IT manager at HP TRONIC Zlín Jakub Lasch views the partnership positively. The change of solution to Kubernetes with vshosting~ has also had positive ramifications for the website: “We’ve recorded the measurable impact of the new solution in terms of the website load speed and that of its individual parts. Thanks to the technology used and the appropriately chosen architecture, including the IT infrastructure supplied by vshosting~, we managed to improve website load speed by several seconds. This might seem small, but it’s a response improvement of 50 %. Furthermore, we’ve managed to surpass our direct competitors in the electronics sales industry in terms of website load time.

We helped the client resolve some non-standard requirements

During our partnership with the HP TRONIC Zlín team we, in a consultancy capacity, passed on some advice on independent operation. This was based on our experience with other applications using similar or even the same technologies. The client valued our proactive approach and how we resolved any issues extremely swiftly. “We have a very positive view of vshosting~’s approach to resolving some of our unusual requirements. In each case they were able to help us find a suitable and sensible solution which worked for both sides,” added Jakub Lasch, IT Manager at HP TRONIC Zlín.

I would like to point out the extremely open, direct and fair-minded communication from both our dedicated Account Manager and the vshosting~ technicians who were very helpful, from the design of the entire IT infrastructure to the deployment and fine tuning of the initial operation.

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