Textile retailer Takoy successfully expands alongside vhosting~ thanks to a hosting solution tailored to Magento


In comparison to our previous hosting solution, vshosting~ significantly helped us with stability and server speed, which in turn improved the speed across the whole site.

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Slovak textile retailer Takoy is successfully expanding into Hungary, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and the Czech Republic. They use e-commerce platform Magento which requires performance-intensive hosting and a skilled team with extensive experience with Magento. Everything first needs to be configured and then the sky’s the limit – as was the case with Takoy.

Textile retailer and wholesaler, Takoy, was founded in 2011. They focus on the sale of knitwear, jersey, cotton, fur, nylon, eco-leather, and more. “Since textiles are our passion, we started by first designing them and later manufacturing them,” says Boris Gogola, Takoy founder. There was great interest in their textile products and so they soon started to expand. First, they entered the Czech market, and before long they had e-shops in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Romania, and Hungary.

We were mainly convinced to switch to vhosting~ because of testimonials of our satisfied partners and suggestions from people we knew.

Services from vshosting~

At vshosting~ Takoy has one extremely powerful physical managed server and for its accounting software, FlexiBee, a lower performance managed cloud is used. They also use fine-tuned e-mail hosting. Since Takoy’s e-shop and supporting system are on e-commerce platform Magento, which is very hosting intensive, it was imperative to ensure high performance and correct configuration. The underlying aim was that the whole solution worked perfectly without any loss of speed, a typical complication for e-shops running on Magento.

Thanks to the switch to vshosting~ Takoy has achieved a faster website and with it greater customer satisfaction

To improve the speed of the Takoy website, our administrators played a crucial role with their many years of experience configuring hosting infrastructure for e-shops using Magento. 

The Magento Platform is a favourite among e-commerce sites as it manages to cover the entire range of an e-shop’s needs, including sales, stock, and accounting. That means of course that it is very demanding on the hosting solution, its performance and configuration in particular. Therefore, in order to run it, you need an experienced hosting provider who is able to effectively set up and fine-tune the entire solution for Magento.

At vshosting~ we designed and implemented a hosting solution for Takoy that was specifically tailored for Magento

We optimised Takoy’s entire hosting solution so that it ran smoothly, and above all, quickly on Magento. As we have already mentioned, poor page load speed is the main problem e-shops running on Magento experience.

In comparison to our previous hosting solution, vshosting~ significantly helped us with stability and server speed, which in turn improved the speed across the whole site

In 2019, we also carried out an upgrade from Magento 2.2 to Magento 2.4.3 together with Takoy.  

For more information about Magento and how we ensure its optimal performance, read our article Magento – Challenges of production operation.

We are really happy with the services from vshosting~. Whenever the need arises, we can consult their 24/7 support team who respond immediately and deal with our questions promptly.

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