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Through a fully administered hosting solution from vshosting~, UNIGgardin were able to fully focus on the further development of their business.

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The mentality in Northern Europe is slightly different to that of the Czech Republic. Whilst in Scandinavia there is a view straight through an open window into a house, in the Czech Republic, blinds or curtains are standard. However, more and more Scandinavians are enjoying greater privacy thanks to UNIGgardin, manufacturer of custom-made blinds. This well-loved e-shop has been with us at vshosting~ since 2013 when they decided to take advantage of managed servers and since then their management has only heard good things from their employees regarding vshosting~’s response time and proactive and attentive approach.

UNIGgardin has been operating in the Scandinavian market since 2006. They initially used a local Danish hosting supplier. However, this supplier was unable to keep up with their rapid growth. So in 2013 they migrated their e-shop to vshosting~ and are full of praise for our premium hosting services.

The previous positive experience in choosing a new hosting supplier played an important role

UNIGgardin’s CDO, Rudolf Krčmář knew vshosting~ from a previous company, where we won the tender to supply hosting services. “Our experience with vhosting~ was simply great,” continues Rudolf Krčmář. So when he moved to UNIGgardin, vshosting~ was again the obvious choice.

During the process of choosing a solution, the proposed solution of two managed servers, as well as interpersonal relations, were key. “I won’t deny that Damir, who is a great business partner, and his personality played an important role. We can rely on him, he’s someone who understands what he’s doing and does it well and with enthusiasm”, describes Rudolf Krčmář.

E-shops like UNIGgardin on managed servers often especially appreciate our team of senior administrators and technicians who are available to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even at night) and who take care of the smooth running of the services without overburdening the e-shop owners. With this spare time, the decision makers in the company can focus on growing the business. This is because we ensure the continuous monitoring of dozens of server metrics (performance, service status), optimisation, debugging, backup, and installation of further server software.

Services from vshosting~

The management of a large e-shop like UNIGgardin needs to hear from their employees that the hosting is working as it should

The success of the managed server solution is borne out of the fact that UNIGgardin’s leadership team are not overburdened and are able to concentrate on the growth of the e-shop. Company CDO Rudolf Krčmář reiterates this: “These days I have almost no contact with the vshosting~ solution. Everything is taken care of by our Head of Development and I only hear good things about vshosting~ from him, especially about their response time and proactive and attentive approach.”

We can rely on Damir Špoljarič (vshosting~ CEO), he’s someone who understands what he’s doing and does it well and with enthusiasm.

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