Dognet Achieves High Availability and Performance Thanks to vshosting


We were looking for a solution to ensure the highest possible availability of our services. Immediately from the beginning of our partnership with vshosting we have seen a significant increase not only in the availability of our services, but also in their performance.

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In the digital world, every second of unavailability means a missed opportunity. The Slovak affiliate network for Central Europe and the Balkans Dognet was therefore looking for a reliable partner to ensure maximum availability for their services. They decided on vshosting. In this case study, we will show why they see this choice as not only the right one, but also crucial for their business.

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Services from vshosting

Identifying the key challenges: Dognet’s journey to stable hosting

As Dognet grew, it was necessary to move from shared web hosting to a more robust and reliable hosting infrastructure. As Dognet’s Managing Director Štefan Polgári remarked, ” While we were growing, we were looking for a solution to make our services as available as possible. We didn’t want and still don’t want our own server administrators, so we looked for an external partner. After several months of tendering, we chose vshosting. And we don’t regret it at all. On the contrary.”

Maximum security, top speed, and high availability

At the start of the collaboration, the vshosting team of experts designed a completely bespoke architecture for Dognet, a fully managed dedicated clustered solution with high availability using virtualization on premium AMD Epyc processors. This solution, complemented by enterprise-level central storage from NetApp, enabled Dognet to achieve high availability, superior speed, and maximum security for its mission-critical applications.

The move to vshosting allowed Dognet to leverage a dedicated HA (High Availability) environment, state-of-the-art processors, and complete monitoring and management of all systems, including load balancers and databases. “This move not only provided us with the scalability we needed to grow, but also price optimization through best price/performance ratio,” Polgári adds.

Switching to vshosting not only provided us with the necessary scalability for growth, but also price optimization due to the best price/performance ratio.

With vshosting, Dognet has achieved measurable results

Immediately from the start of the cooperation Dognet has seen a significant increase in the availability and performance of its online services. “It was the right choice and we count on vshosting for the years to come,” says Štefan Polgári, confident of continued growth and prosperity thanks to the support of vshosting.

Looking to the future: long-term vision and expansion plans

Dognet’s story shows that the right technological partner can help overcome the challenges of growth, make a significant contribution, and secure the future of a digital business. At vshosting, we are proud to be part of this success story.

We are very satisfied with vshosting. It is our strategic partner, whom I can only recommend.

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