When your e-shop is as great as Picasee and Student-eShop, a welcome surge of customers can be problematic for your infrastructure


Thanks to the transition to vshosting~ our e-shops make money, and we no longer lose customers. Not to mention that their tech support absolutely exceeded our expectations. Finally, we have a partner with whom we can discuss all the technical details. I’m excited about our partnership and I definitely recommend vshosting~.

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Here’s the case study of mobile phone accessory e-shops Picasee and Student-eShop.

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The dream of every e-shop is not only to be successful from a business perspective but also to do something that adds real value. It might even attract so many customers that it becomes necessary to strengthen the entire infrastructure. “A dream come true,” you could say. And this is precisely the case for mobile phone cover e-shops Picasee and Student-eShop who sell mobile phone accessories and other electronics. Read more to find out about their success story.

Under the company Student-eShop s.r.o lie two successful e-shops: Student-eShop and Picasee. On Student-eShop you can buy a wide range of mobile phone accessories and other electronics. Picasee, on the other hand, sells fully configurable covers for mobile phones and tablets, including the option to upload your own design.

Both e-shops are typical examples of our customers. They are doing well, but their current solution is no longer sufficient. They are growing, their marketing efforts are working, and the company is thriving. But they need something better. The time has come for an e-shop migration to vshosting~.

Picasee and Student-eShop were primarily concerned with moving to an infrastructure that could cope with a large influx of customers. They usually employ influencer marketing. And immediately after the sharing of, for example, photos of their products by a well-known Instagram influencer, a large number of interested potential customers head to their site.

Services from vshosting~

Another requirement was 24/7 support by experienced administrators. If they ran into problems, it was key for Student-eShop that the administrators would react immediately to any given situation and resolve the issue quickly.

Before the switch to vshosting~ they struggled with performance issues and the absence of administrator support

Before the migration to vshosting~ they used a web hosting service that was not able to keep pace with their fast growth. Especially in the case of the previously mentioned influencer marketing events, where there wasn’t enough capacity, nor was there out of hours support available to resolve the situation. 

When Student-eShop were weighing up how to properly deal with their hosting issues, we introduced ourselves. Our managed services and outstanding 24/7 support was exactly what they were looking for. Within a couple of days they were ready to move both e-shops onto vshosting~ managed infrastructure.

Infrastructure migrations may seem particularly tricky but with the help of vshosting~’s senior administrators and technicians it all runs smoothly

The actual migration of both e-shops was relatively time-consuming. We copied a large number of customer images that they upload to the website when designing their own mobile phone covers. These photos and visuals are also very high-quality images, so there really was a considerable volume of data to move. So the file transfer took several long hours. However, we managed it all and got Student-eShop and Picasee started in record time on an M1 managed cloud, according to the client’s wishes. It soon became evident that both e-shops needed an even more powerful solution. We then quickly upgraded them to an extremely powerful physical managed server.

The new solution corresponds with the demands of both e-shops

The result of the migration and infrastructure upgrade by vshosting~ is the best possible. Both e-shops are able to withstand a large influx of customers. Even during marketing campaigns.

Their support is excellent – even in the middle of the night. The client also appreciated that real experts were on hand to offer immediate advice and to deal with any requests.

Another consequence of the change of hosting provider is the clear improvement in web page load speed and other metrics. Web load time has decreased from 3.4 seconds to 2.75 seconds. Furthermore, redirection time, server connection time, and server response time all halved!

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