Why did the Trenýrkárna.cz e-shop migrate to vshosting~?

We focus on the sale of men’s but also women’s underwear and put great emphasis on customer satisfaction – case in point being our super fast delivery times.

350 000Pieces of yearly sold underwear

48 hTime to delivery after ordering

15-50+Employees depending on the season


Since 2019



Services from vshosting~

Managed server, DDoS Protect, Server housing

About the Trenýrkárna.cz e-shop

The Trenýrkárna.cz e-shop was created 11 years ago and has slowly worked its way to its current position of the largest retail seller of men’s underwear on the Czech market. In 2012, we also opened our first brick and mortar store in Prague. Since the beginning of 2019, we’ve had 3 stores in the city.

We focus on the sale of men’s but also women’s underwear and put great emphasis on customer satisfaction – case in point being our super fast delivery times.

Every year, we sell approximately 300 000 pieces of underwear to our retail customers and about 50 000 pieces to our wholesale customers.

The internal core team comprises of ca 15 employees to which we add more people before the Christmas season. Around the holidays, there can be even over 50 of us.

How we developed hosting-wise

Since Trenýrkárna’s founding, we’ve tried various hosting solutions but have gradually outgrown all of them. We started with standard web hosting, progressed to a VPS and subsequently bought our own server and had an external contractor take care of it.

That own server solution has proven itself problematic. An e-shop needs to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Which means that if you only have one person taking care of the server, he pretty much couldn’t even go to sleep if we are to make sure everything is under control at all times. It has happened to us several times that something went wrong and we had to go figure it out in the middle of the night because our server guy was on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

The logical step would then be to get at least two employees for this purpose so that they can substitute for one another. However, hiring those people is not only time consuming but very taxing on company finances. With a larger number of servers, we’d probably need even more than two and that wouldn’t be financially viable anymore.


Why we chose vshosting~

We received recommendations from our friends in the e-commerce business who were already using vshosting~ for their projects: Pilulka.cz for example.

These personal references were very important factors in our decision making process. Without a high quality infrastructure, no e-shop can work properly. A functional, fast e-shop is what makes us money.

vshosting~ designed a fully customized solution for us. No “cookie cutter” solution but one for the actual needs of our e-shop, tweaked to perfection. At the same time, we don’t have to take care of anything now. In addition, we know that as we grow, vshosting~ will always adjust the tech for us. There’s no boundary with them at which we’d have to start looking for a different provider.

Everything works without our input. As e-shoppers, we don’t care too much about what things run on. In effect, we don’t know the details and don’t want to know them – that’s why we have vshosting~ to take care of everything. We focus on our business and make sure our products sell well.

It is also important to us that whatever we agree on with vshosting~ proceeds as discussed. Anytime we have a question, we can always rely on their technical support to get back to us ASAP, even at 2 am on a weekend.

The hosting solution we opted for

At vshosting~, we use their Managed Server complete with Managed Tools (to manage the server remotely using a graphic interface) as well as Server Housing for our testing website. For maximum security, we also utilize the DDoS Protect cyber attack protection that they developed themselves at vshosting~.

The Managed Server is a production server for us – the Trenýrkárna.cz e-shop runs on it and everything that relates to that. At the same time, we have our own server plugged in at vshosting~, which we use for testing new features before we deploy them to production.

We are extremely satisfied with vshosting~ services. The main reason is that what they declare also gets fulfilled. For us, the most important thing is that the server is running without our involvement. Whenever we turned to 24/7 support, they solved any of our problems.

Ruslan Skopal Co-owner of Trenýrkárna.cz

The vshosting~ services we use

Web acceleration: before and with vshosting~

We were very surprised by the acceleration of e-shop rendering caused solely by transferring to new hardware. We made no other software adjustments aimed at accelerating the loading of our e-shop and it grows each month nonetheless, as is apparent from Google data. We started cooperating with vshosting~ in the March of 2019. From March to June we saw an improvement of 10 % solely by changing our hosting provider.