Faster, Better, Stronger: Transforming Mixit with vshosting


The performance of our e-shop has significantly increased, directly impacting customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

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In this case study, we focus on the partnership between vshosting and Mixit, which brought significant technological improvements to their online platform. We describe how switching to a more modern hosting solution enabled Mixit to streamline their e-shop operations and strengthen their market position.

About Mixit

Mixit is a dynamic Czech company specializing in the production and online sale of personalized breakfast mixes, muesli, bars, and other healthy foods. Since its founding in 2010, Mixit has become a market leader in mixed cereals and healthy snacks. The company emphasizes the quality and freshness of its products, using natural ingredients without artificial additives. Mixit allows customers to create their own muesli mixes through their website, choosing from a wide range of ingredients. With over 50,000 active customers and expanding operations beyond the Czech Republic, Mixit exemplifies a successful blend of innovative approaches and customer service.

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Why Mixit Changed Hosting Partners

Before partnering with vshosting, Mixit used another Czech hosting provider. Due to demanding agreements and a lack of flexible technical solutions, they decided to look for a partner that better met their dynamic needs. The main impetus for the change was the desire to gain more modern infrastructure and a more proactive approach to technological challenges.

Our decision to go with vshosting was motivated by their ability to provide customized solutions and respond to our unique needs.

Results of the Collaboration and Technical Support

After implementing the new solution, Mixit views the collaboration as significantly positive. The technical support and professional approach from vshosting led to faster page loading times and improved analytical capabilities.

The performance of our e-shop has significantly increased, directly impacting customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

Customer Support

The responsiveness and agility of support from vshosting are rated as exceptional, with all requests being handled quickly and efficiently.

Future Outlook: Where the Partnership is Heading

In the upcoming period, the integration of artificial intelligence technologies is planned to enhance personalization and marketing efficiency. Mixit intends to expand its operations to international markets, requiring further infrastructure development under the auspices of vshosting.

The collaboration with vshosting has become key to our ongoing innovation and improvement of our services. We expect that our investments in technology and infrastructure will lead to further growth and sustainability of our business.


The collaboration between Mixit and vshosting represents a successful example of technological innovation and strategic partnership. Thanks to modern hosting solutions and a proactive approach, Mixit has managed to streamline its operations and significantly strengthen its market position.

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