Damir Špoljarič

Summer is in full swing and we’re working like men (and women) possessed to improve our services and infrastructure. Take a look at what’s new at vshosting~.

Application Protection

We’re finalizing our new protection system for Managed Servers called L7 DDoS Protect, which will shield our clients from http floods, SQL injections, and many more attack types. It is a unique kind of protection that is fully decentralized and that we’re creating, just like our successful service DDoS Protect, all on our own with our team of infrastructure specialists and C developers.

CDN Extension and New DNS (CloudDNS)

We will soon be expanding our CDN into another location: Singapore. It will be our first CDN location in Asia! We expect the installation of the pop in Singapore sometime in September.

In addition, we’re developing a number of new functions for our CDN. Any day now, it will support the webp format for additional acceleration of image loading, purging of files via API, “on the fly” image resize function and their subsequent caching, and we’ll also support PUSH CDN with Object Storage access (S3 API) and much more.

During the summer, we’ll also be migrating our current DNS to the new CloudDNS that will be integrated into the client zone and accessible via API. CloudDNS will be utilizing our global anycast CDN network.

Expanding the Network with Additional 100Gbps Upstream

At the end of the summer or first thing in the fall, we will be implementing yet another 100Gbps upstream to a Tier1 operator abroad in order to further increase the robustness of the vshosting~ network.

New Clients

We’re very happy to welcome additional noteworthy internet projects, that are migrating to vshosting~ this summer. Among them are e.g. FootShop, telecommunications operator WIA, agencies BlueWeb and Proof&Reason, or the CBRE and obchody24.cz companies.

New Dedicated Servers and the Popular NVMe Discs

During this summer, we will present new dedicated server configurations. You can look forward to servers with XEON E-2100 processors and with up to 128GB RAM and 2x NVMe discs. In general, NVMe discs are increasingly more popular. As a result, we will be installing tens of new managed servers with NVMe discs, often for the heavily loaded database servers.

Blackout Test and Datacenter Third Phase Prep

This past week, we’ve conducted a blackout test including a simulated diesel aggregate malfunction. All went perfectly well, just as expected. We are also preparing for the last expansion of the data center.

Rising Interest in Kubernetes

Our service Platform for Kubernetes is becoming continuously more popular. We’re newly providing this service e.g. for the well-known Shopsys Framework.

Affiliate Program in the Works

In the fall, we’ll launch our first official affiliate program. In the beginning, it will only be in service for dedicated servers but we’ll soon expand it to all of our other services.

Upcoming Move

A while back, our sales and marketing teams have moved to temporary offices at the Wenceslas square (WorkLounge coworking) due to capacity reasons: for almost a year, we can no longer fit into ServerPark. In a few months, we will be opening a new modern vshosting~ subsidiary in Prague for sales, marketing and development teams that’ll hold up to 60 of our colleagues.

Have a nice rest of the summer,

Damir Špoljarič


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