Clients we have helped

solvertech.cz IT company

Czech firm SolverTech deals with the development, implementation, and support of a logistics system used for route planning and optimisation.

Since several logistics giants are reliant on SolverTech software, they depend on a stable solution directly from vshosting~.

creepy.cz web agency / e-commerce

E-shop Laklara.cz, operated by digital agency Creepy, was an instant hit with fashion lovers. However, their previous web hosting solution wasn’t able to cope with the waves of customers, especially during the launch of their new collection. For that reason, they chose a dedicated solution from vshosting~, which resulted in happier customers, who showed their appreciation in the e-shop.

uniggardin.dk e-commerce

UNIGgardin has been operating in the Scandinavian market since 2006. They initially used a local Danish hosting supplier. However, this supplier was unable to keep up with their rapid growth.

Through a fully administered hosting solution from vshosting~, UNIGgardin are now able to fully focus on the further development of their business.

Vaprio.cz e-commerce

We have been working with Vaprio for a number of years and together have resolved all kinds of unexpected situations which can occur when dealing with an e-shop as popular as Vaprio. Vaprio is expanding considerably, not just online, but also through their 36 physical stores. Their e-shop alone has 7,000 items in stock. The leading retailer of e-cigarettes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia uses managed services and a CDN from vshosting~.

Blueweb web agency / e-commerce

E-commerce specialists Blueweb create e-shops for clients such as Klenoty Aurum, Gate, Ozeta, and Isadore Apparel. Their e-shops are renowned for their precision, quality, and modern design. They also like to make the most of the latest technological trends, a tendency that also applies to their server infrastructure. As a successful firm that provides hosting for leading companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, vshosting~ was the natural choice.

PowerPlay Studio online project

A large gaming developer studio, PowerPlay Studio, has relied on vhosting~ services for a number of years

Together we have completely redesigned their application server infrastructure. We switched them from a huge managed server to a fully administered Kubernetes platform with more powerful hardware, which ended up reducing the number of servers needed by two thirds! As a result, PowerPlay Studio has simplified their development, especially the deploy process for new application versions, which is absolutely crucial for them.

premierecinemas.cz online project

The operator of three multiplexes in the Czech Republic, Premiere Cinemas symbolises the experience of watching a new film, the anticipation of action, suspense, romance, and comedy.

Takoy e-commerce

Slovak textile retailer Takoy is successfully expanding into Hungary, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, France, and the Czech Republic.

They use Magento which requires performance-intensive hosting and a skilled team with extensive experience with the e-commerce platform. First, everything needs to be configured and then the sky’s the limit – as was the case with Takoy.

Pošta bez hranic online project

Hundreds of thousands of parcels to foreign countries pass through Pošta bez hranic (Post Without Borders) every year. In the peak period of e-commerce, they managed to handle more than 3.5 million physical and data shipments and grew by tens of percent.

Practically every large e-shop in the Czech Republic has worked with them and that’s why they prioritize the security and stability of their infrastructure, both of which they found with vshosting~.

What our clients are saying about us

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I would like to highlight the extremely open, direct, and reasonable communication from both our dedicated Account Manager and the vshosting~ technicians who were very helpful, from the design of the entire IT infrastructure to the deployment and fine tuning of the initial operation.

Ing. Jakub Lasch IT manager HP TRONIC Zlín
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For our demanding delivery optimisation application which we supply to some of the biggest players in the Czech and international e-commerce, distribution, and industry fields, vshosting~ was the perfect choice.

Tomáš Pajonk Managing director, SolverTech
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We are extremely satisfied with vshosting~’s services. The main reason is that they deliver what they promise. For us, the most important thing is that the server runs without our involvement. Whenever we turned to their 24/7 support team, they were always able to resolve our issues.

Ruslan Skopal Co-owner, Trenýrkárna.cz
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Carrying out an infrastructure migration under vshosting~ was one of the best managerial decisions of recent years. It arrived just in the nick of time.

Ing. Tomáš Bek Head of IT, Pears Health Cyber (Lékárna.cz)
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Our long-term cooperation with vshosting~ has taught us that they are reliable partners no matter how quickly we grow. Thanks to their prompt warnings and lightning-fast infrastructure upgrade, we’ve been able to bypass potential problems and most importantly sell more through our e-commerce projects.

Václav Macíček Project manager, Shopsys
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We couldn’t be happier with vshosting~. After 17 years of working together, there is little more to add. We have brilliant AMD EPYCs, operational infrastructure, all in high availability.

Martin Pomothy ČSFD founder and CEO
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At vshosting~, we can always rely on their 24/7 support, helping us resolve anything we need. We also like that they proactively come up with recommendations for what we can improve on our side.

Lukáš Pilka Creative director, Blueghost
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We are really happy. The server is running as it should and we haven’t experienced any outages. The vshosting~ support team are quick to respond and everything is dealt with easily.

David Žák Partner at Creepy
avatar - items_8

Our working relationship is going the way it should. This sounds trivial, but unfortunately it’s uncommon to find a partner you can count on and who’s able to give you constructive feedback.

Martin Křižan ex CTO, Pilulka Lékárny
avatar - items_9

Thanks to the transition to vshosting~ our e-shops make money and we no longer lose customers. Not to mention that the tech support absolutely exceeded our expectations. Finally, we have a partner with whom we can discuss any technical details. I’m excited about our relationship and I definitely recommend vshosting~.

Tomáš Balíček Partner and managing director, Student-eShop
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The migration to vshosting~ gave us the peace of mind because we know that everything going on in the background of our website is safe and taken care of by experts. With our previous solution, we couldn’t trust that everything was under control.

Lukáš Pleskot CEO, PLAYzone
avatar - items_11

For me, vshosting~ are always my first choice and are synonymous with quality. They are the Apple products of workplace hardware, if you like.

Rudolf Krčmář CDO, UNIGgardin
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Personally, the change of hosting provider and the transition to vshosting~ brought me peace of mind. I know that the likelihood of a service outage due to a hardware error has been minimised.

Jan Procházka Technical director, Premiere Cinemas
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In practice, the most important thing for us is that everything works and runs without us needing to worry about it.

Jan Válek Owner of Vaprio.cz
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We want to highlight the role vshosting~ played as a consultant in the entire technological solution and their help with the transformation to Kubernetes.

Dominik Halvoník PowerPlay Studio CTO
avatar - items_15

From the very first day, we saw better communication between our development team and vshosting~’s support team, which is literally available 24/7. For urgent requests, we call them up and within 60 seconds someone answers the phone at their data centre and starts dealing with the problem at the source. There’s no forwarding the call to someone else. This is a really important aspect of our cooperation.

Mário Keméň Backend / DevOps Blueweb
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In comparison to our previous hosting solution, vshosting~ significantly helped us with stability and server speed, which in turn improved the speed across the whole site.

Boris Gogola Takoy founder
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Each year we handle hundreds of thousands physical and digital international shipments. With such large quantities, the most important thing for us is security and stability, not price.

Hana Kundrátová CMO Pošta bez Hranic
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Our e-shop runs round the clock, so it’s crucial for us that everything works smoothly and that there’s always someone keeping an eye on the services. Only vshosting~ has a 24/7 team of admins we can call at 2 in the morning to help us out.

Vít Hellebrand INVITAL Aqua Co-owner
avatar - items_19

Switching to vshosting not only provided us with the necessary scalability for growth, but also price optimization due to the best price/performance ratio.

Štefan Polgári Managing Director Dognet & Ecommerce Bridge
avatar - items_20

The performance of our e-shop has significantly increased, directly impacting customer satisfaction and boosting sales.

Jakub Malina CTO of Mixit

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